tatva yog eka sandal premium quality long lasting masala incense sticks - pack of 1
For Daily Pooja Festive Home Scented Natural Agarbatti For Positive Energy Good Health Wealth

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Tatva Yog presents to you Eka Sandal Premium Quality Incense sticks which have been hand made as well as hand sorted and are completely environment-friendly sticks excellent for meditation, yoga, worship, relaxation and spreading positivity in the ambience.

Our Eka Sandal Premium Quality Incense sticks have received a very positive customer feedback because of its inherent smell of Musk. The Eka Sandal Premium Quality Incense Sticks smell like earthy, spicy, woody scent and has fresh fragrance of sandalwood. The fragrance is energizing, brings out the spiritual nature and enhances positivity. Sandalwood cleanses the air, induces sleep as well as removes all anxieties and stress. Our Eka Sandal Premium Quality Incense stick carries the traditional fragrances and has been made up of 5 selected essential oil aromas that aim to bring you closer to the eternal divinity and also stirs a sense of calm that evokes the experience of being one with it. Eka Sandal Premium Quality Incense sticks create an uplifting and fascinating environment, removes all the negative and destructive energy and provides peace of mind.

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